Posted by Cucu Fashion on 11th Oct 2019

How do you handle stress?

Maybe it’s a bit unusual to ask you this, as a shoe brand, but believe us, it has a reason. Last month we talked about what can your shoes' color say about you, and there you find out your personality is closely linked to what are you wearing. But let’s take it further and talk about our moods and feelings. Did we catch your attention? Then keep reading below!

We are sure that your style isn’t steady, your emotions can easily affect it even for a short period of time. As we said previously, each of us is different, so despite the fact that we experiment similar moments, the heart response varies. One of the most common subjects we confront in our life is stress, which leads to very different feelings, like rage, anxiety and so on. In these moments, most of the women tend to wear something who show their inner emotions or, contrary, something who can calm them down. How fortunate we have a pair of shoes for any direction you choose!

It’s perfectly normal to be angry when you are feeling exploited, overworked, used, lied and the list continues. In most of the cases, the source of this reaction it’s a red flag, and we recommend you to take attitude and put your foot down! For that thing to happen, you need courage, confidence and determination. What better way to gain power than wearing a red leather jacket, skinny jeans, some tight braids and a dark red lipstick, singing Taylor’s “Bad blood”? Complete this iconic look with our Coppa Ankle Boots and let’s show people what are you worth!

But maybe you don’t like conflicts, your stress can be provoked by little things, and you are just feeling overwhelmed. If you think the stress is temporary and it's not worth adopting an extremist attitude, then let’s wear something that reminds you that professionalism is the key! A pair of beige slacks, white velvet shirt, an easy French braid and our Ennya Pumps, drinking a cup of warm cappuccino, this is all you need to calm you down and have a positive attitude.

Or maybe you’re the type of person who is easily hurt and in the minute you crack, tears are coming out. It’s ok, you are sensible, delicate, and we love this about you! Some of the people are not so good at spotting your true character and tend to speak to you with no filter. That’s why your outfit needs to show them your gentle nature! Let’s try our Eby Pink Pumps with a short chiffon dress and a waterfall braid, what do you think?

And if you don’t even know what are you feeling it’s also ok, we are as confused as you. That’s why we designed the Annys trainers, who combines anger with sensitivity and calm, due to their color and pattern mix. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

So how are you handle difficult situations? Tell us on social media!


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