Posted by Cucu Fashion on 13th Sep 2019

What can your shoes ’color say about you?

Did you know that the color of your shoes says a lot about your personality? In fact, all the colours that you are wearing have this particularity, but we are more interested in how you STEP into the world. Did we catch your attention? Then continue reading this post if you want to find more!

Ok, so we did our research based on the 16 personalities of Carl Gustav Jung and color personalities. Shorter as possible, this is some of what we found about our dear clients’ taste.

Starting with the most refined color, the white lovers apparently are open to new opportunities, whether it’s about career, relationships or experiences. They will profit off any possibility to start something new and they are hard to fascinate, since they are born perfectionists. Organized, efficient and calculated, white lovers are the perfect employers if you want the tasks being qualitative. However, they are more individualists, so teamwork is not their strength. These persons are also very hard to provoke, since they are calm and dream about a peaceful world.

What about the opposite? Even though black is on the other pole, the ambition seems to be quite similar to white. Black lovers also love to find new opportunities, but their personality is more intense and they use it with different reasons. If white lovers start a new job after a layoff, they will not have resentfulness. However, black lovers will find a new job better than the last one and gain the power to demonstrate that their ex-employer made a huge mistake. Black it’s about energy and mystery, and it also creates an elegant look to whoever is wearing it. These persons easily gain attention and admiration, their insistent personality bringing them what they are wishing for.Well, that’s a powerful attitude!

Let’s add a bit of color and talk about the passionate red lovers! They are surely the most loved and enviable type of persons, the taste for adrenaline, risk and powerful emotions being more than attractive. Red lovers will most likely start their own company, no matter how much uncertainty is involved. Most of them are extroverts, so they love working with people, motivating them and helping the team find what it is capable of. Very implicate managers, but also very easy to provoke, because of their impulsive personality.

What about the infinite dark ocean blue? Well, blue lovers are very good at communication and self-expression. They also need a purpose of what are they doing, otherwise they will feel worthless and empty. These kinds of persons are creative and sensible, so they are not feeling good near pessimists or critics, because they don’t want to disappoint. Telling them they did something wrong will really hurt their feelings. But in the right place, they will beautiful grow and have the best public presentations of the company history.

And if you like to combine different colors, that also says a lot about you. It means that you are unpredictable and you love innovations! You like to create, whether is about something handmade, a new marketing strategy, a new dance choreography or about the most fantastic storybook you ever wrote. You see the world with art eyes and you have this energy so powerful, we love your optimism!

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