Posted by Cucu Fashion on 20th Dec 2019

How to rock your Christmas outfit!

Just five days until the most beloved time of the year! Can you believe it? We are so excited to finally have some time to spend with our friends and family, far away from stress and work. Wherever we go we hear Christmas songs, we see beautiful wrapped presents, lovely decorations, oh! Ho…

Posted by Cucu Fashion on 13th Dec 2019

Get your Christmas present!

Do you remember the times when this season felt magical? When we were frightened in the last week before Christmas if we weren’t nice enough for Santa to come? And how cute we tried to be in order to make him reconsider and put our name on the “white list”? Oh, those were really good ti…

Posted by Cucu Fashion on 6th Dec 2019

Boots in action!

You are already familiar with how our boots collections look in the pictures, somewhat alone if you are asking us. So in today’s article, we’ll show you how good these looks on our dearest Insta-girls and, who knows, maybe they will give you some ideas on how can you style your own mod…

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