Posted by Cucu Fashion on 8th Nov 2019

How much do you know about heels’ history?

Let’s face it, whenever we are taking a shower, we start to question about anything, whether it’s about our purpose in life, our existence, our relationships or… about how turtles breathe in the ocean? Yeah, this is the place of real meditation, and last night our mind suddenly went to…

Posted by Cucu Fashion on 1st Nov 2019

A few words about Emma Watson

As you already got used, each article of our blog it’s a bit unusual, exploring personalities, feelings, ideas and so on. This time, as a ladies shoe company, we decided to dedicate this week to one of the most admired women of 2019, Emma Watson. Why? Keep reading below and you’ll find out…

25th Oct 2019

It's time for Halloween!

Yes! It’s finally this time of year when you can live again as a child when you could be whatever you want to be. Halloween is here, and we can’t wait to try our favorites costumes! There are so many options and, if you also haven’t decided yet what character you will be, then keep reading…

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