Posted by Cucu Fashion on 17th Jan 2020

Where you can find us?

Like any other online store, we are active on a variety of social platforms that can lead you to our site and help you choose your ideal type of shoes. However, we don’t just stick to Facebook and Instagram, and also the content is quite different depending on the platform. Keep reading below and you’ll find out where else can you find us online! 

Well yeah, it would be impossible to not be here. Usually, this is more redirected to answering your questions and concerns, so you can ask us if your favorite pair of shoes will come in your size any soon for example. Also, we post about every new model, so subscribing to us will never let you behind. But besides these, from time to time you can find a new folder with our bestsellers, so you can always wear the most beloved pair of shoes! Suggestions, collaborations and so on, our Facebook page is the perfect place for them!

Instagram grew considerably in popularity for the past years and the reason is evident. The resolution’s quality of the images and videos remains unchanged, which is a big plus! That’s why our lovely collaborator models can be found most on this platform. And they can give you really great tips on how to wear our shoes, don’t you think? And of course, every picture has its tag to the product if you want it in your wardrobe!

Our best creations will always be on Pinterest! Especially when they involve playful mixes of colors and patterns. If you can’t decide what is your perfect pair, Pin your favorites shoes and decide later.

Short and always topical, each story shared by us in Snapchat tells you about our new arrivals, so stay always in trend by subscribing to us!

And so we arrived at our favorite platform! On our TikTok profile, not only you can see our styles “in action”, but each video is on the beat! We take care to match the song with the vibe you can get wearing our shoes, whether it’s about boldness or delicacy. Our profile is pretty recent, so we are ready to explore what type of videos you like the most!

No matter what social platform you prefer, you can easy find us and keep up with our newest styles and deals! So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to us right now!  


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