Posted by Cucu Fashion on 27th Sep 2019

What to wear in the rainy days of autumn

Yeah, every season has its ups and downs, and as much as we love to drink a warm cup of pumpkin spice latte, while watching Netflix in a cozy blanket, the rainy days can be a real struggle when it comes to going out.

And watching the leaves fall and the clouds shaking, we can already say it’s definitely the boots season! But take some notes, because this isn’t an excuse to hide your personality wearing some lifeless models. Keep reading below and find what type of shoes can match your character!

We have many models wrapped in leopard patterns, like those you can find in the elegant Bedda, vibrant Tergy and Benka or comfortable and cozy Dallia collections. The perfect pairs of this kind of shoes are the ambitious and impulsive women, who love to take advantage of the opportunities. The best look you can have is by wearing them with a fur coat and spunky accessories. And if the clouds are shaking too much, we recommend avoiding wearing Dallia and concentrate more on the biker boots, due to their strong faux leather material and high platform.

Oh yes, we are definitely big fans of snake prints, as you can see from the various collections that imply them, like EnnyBeddaTergyZimkaBenkaSessa and so on. This is an interesting texture that urges us to play with colors, the number of snake species being so big and inspiring us with so many patterns. We recommend them if you are one of the women who wait for the best moment to attack, taking what they deserve and at the same time having an elegant and seductive course of action. Hard to impress and getting easily bored, this type of character needs a leather jacket and skinny jeans to highlight its nature.

If we love something in this world is the explosion of creativity from nowadays, art being valued at maximum. Now we can read more comic books, watch new animating styles, eat cakes whose design implies a child’s drawing, or photograph ourselves in a giant transparent balloon. People who bring all those ideas have such a colorful, lively, energetic personality, that inspired us to design so many vibrant models, perfect for them. If you also like to look at the world using your pure creativity, then you will love the glowing models from our LummoTergyGarnaHatta or spunky Seda collections!

If you are not a fan of crazy model choices and you prefer being more selective, calm and warm, then you can peek our elegant models from HassaRyaKooa or Ann collections. Many of their designs are matching perfectly the season colors. And if you are courageous and want to impress at a romantic date under the moonlight, then our Junona boots will sparkle like the stars in the night sky.

Did you find something that you like or want us to design new models? Tell us on social media!


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