Posted by cucu fashion on 8th Sep 2021

​UK Fashion moving towards a healthier sport oriented trend

UK Fashion moving towards a healthier sport oriented trend - part 1

In the past couple of years, the UK ladies fashion market seems to be orienting towards a healthier, more active lifestyle, with more and more women choosing to go for a sportier and relaxed look rather than the previous years' high heels and skin tight dress trends.

At Cucu Fashion, an affordable ladies footwear online store , we have started focusing a lot more on trainers/ sneakers for our new collections.

Lately our research has brought to our attention that people are getting aware of the impact being more active and exercising has on their body and mind health.

Body and mind health

Exercising has been proven to be an effective mood booster, largely helpful to reducing symptoms of both depression and anxiety by raising the endorphin levels, the body’s ''feel good'' chemical produced by the brain .

Staying active and fit also brings a boost of personal self-esteemby giving us a sense of confidence in ourselves at the end of each successful work out session, completed hiking trail or long bike ride, and the fact that being active also helps our bodies be more toned and strong , with clothes fitting better.

Research also proves that physical activity can boost creativity and mental energy, by allowing us to better concentrate and feel mentally sharp while also stimulating the growth of new brain cell.

This increase of interest in staying fit and active has led to several important changes in the fashion world. The comfortable and versatile sneakers have made a fascinating come back and are holding their own spot strongly on the famous fashion shows, with large trend setting brands working season after season to create their own trademark sporty footwear.

To motivate you being more active our newest ladies footwear collection is full of colourful, fun and modern designs!

Take a quick look at them here :

More benefits of staying active will be featured on our next post, stay tuned!


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