Posted by Cucu Fashion on 7th Jan 2020

Trainers and Sports

We bet you saw the variation of trainers here, on our site, and not only. Different types of soles, collars and so on. But do you know what is the design you need for your favorite activity? If not, keep reading below and you will find the perfect style for you!

When you hear the name “trainers”, you already know there are for sports activities. However, there are many different types of sports, so it has to be a diversity of styles.

Let’s start with sports like running. This sport implies force in your feet, so you need something that stabilizes it, with a sole that it’s not slippery and thick enough so spines and other dangerous things you can find on the ground will not hurt your feet. It is more about motion control, so we recommend trainers like Jerra.

If you are more into weightlifting, then you need strong ones, with a sole designed for stability. You can recognize it by the split midsole, that you can find at our Megga collection. And if you want a plus of safety, try the anti-grip outsole of our Gella trainers. This type of trainers is also good for boxing, where keeping the balance is crucial.

But if you love music and streetdance dancing, then you need something that gives you the liberty to move. An anti-grip sole is a hard NO, because spinning and slipping are the cherries on top when it comes to this kind of sport. Choose a pair of trainers like Simma or even Mony for a plus of comfort. Cross trainers are also a good choice.

And, finally, if you are a gym lover, keep in mind that you need trainers with an airy vamp, no matter the type of sport. Because it’s hotter inside with dozens of people, then outside, so your feet need to breathe.

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