Posted by Cucu Fashion on 28th Feb 2020

Top 3 low-cost shoes for a rich look!

Let’s be sincere, there’s a ton of things that worth putting money aside, like a trip to your favorite country or home redecoration. But if you love shoes or fashion in general, it’s pretty hard to resist the temptation. Lucky you, our shoe collection features low-cost models that look vibrant, so take a peek at some of them below!

If you want to stand out at the gym, you should try our Arianna trainers! They feature so many dynamic elements that make them look stylish and, of course, expensive. Bubbling sole design, spotted pattern, lively and spunky colors, suede imitation, these shoes sure have personality!

The pointed toe shoes were always a stamp for elegance, since the early ‘60s. Celebrities like Emma Watson or Sandra Bullock declare themselves fans of this type of shoes and they wear them as often as they can. To have a high-class appearance, you don’t even need heels, and our beige Ify model is the perfect example. Keep in mind that color closer to your skin shade makes you look not just fancier, but even taller. And who doesn’t love long legs?

Another detail that can put you into the spotlight is the snake pattern. It creates an imperial feeling related to ancient Egypt, and, as time passed, people became fans of its imitation, not of the genuine one. So yes, you can look gorgeous without hurting nature. Besides that, innovative designs continue to conquer the world, creating unique looks that everyone is looking for. Our Myana beige sandals features, for example, an asymmetrical block heel, and who wouldn’t be impressed looking at them?

This are just three of them, but you can find many others on our site, our most expensive shoes being at just £34.00! Not just that, you can also buy some lovely pair of shoes on our sale section, that contains over 150 models starting from just £10.00.

Choose your favorite pair and step with confidence! 


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