Posted by Cucu Fashion on 24th Jan 2020

The ultimate sneakers design

If you are up-to-date on our products, you already saw a new design in our collection, which is the Vato style. It’s unusual, surprising and intriguing, so if you are curious about how we came out with this idea, keep reading below and find out what inspired us!

Overall, you can see a sparkling design, usually seen on Korean stages and not only, relaying energy. However, let’s look closer to the design elements! At first, you can spot the comfortable over-sized chunky sole, which is a big plus for dancing numbers. Depending on the model, the sole can also relay a different kind of vibe. On the first model, the white sole looks like a painter doused the canvas with watercolors, in a moment of hazard. So it’s more about showing the passion you have for what are you doing. The second model has an urban touch, with a newspaper pattern, and the third one is simply black, so it’s more mysterious.

Moving to the sparkles, the spikes really get all the lights on you! Being on stage is all about glamour and these shoes sure make an impression. Most of the celebrities now play with the glitter, sequins and studs on stage, so if our model also had intrigued you, you definitely love attention!

But the main feature of these sneakers is the sock style and this has a story itself. A lot of recent news talks about beautiful and talented singers and dancers who were just too stressed about all the lights on them and they struggled a lot about being perfect. Some of them just gave up, because this is not an easy job. So we wanted the person who will wear our shoes on the stage will feel more comfortable, by wearing something familiar. We wanted to recreate the feeling of just being home in your pajamas with a hairbrush instead of a microphone, having a show for the lovely plushies. So there’s nothing to be afraid about. Just do your thing, sing, dance, and you will conquer the crowd!

So, what are you thinking about our new shoes? Let us now on social media! 


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