7th Oct 2022

The Fall Season has arrived!

That time of the year has once again arrived in our lives and what would be one of the best ways of celebrating it other than with out favourite outfits, a hot cup of tea in our fall themed mug and an overall cosy experince in a delightful place? We all have those outfits that are very close to us and that represent us the best, but they aren't forever! When the time comes, they need to go and be replaced by something fresh and thrilling! This season is on your side, because you have a long list of footwear that will suit your needs!

How about you take a look at a pair of Chelsea Boots? Wonder why they have that name? Let's go back a bit in time! Throughout the years they've been know under different names, like: The Paddock, the Dealer, the Baba, and the Beatle. They inherited their current name from their popularity in Chelsea, an affluent area of London, during the sixties, particularly on the ‘mod’ scene. The Beatle boots name came from a October 1961 event where McCartney stopped into Anello & Davide’s London shoe shop and purchased two pairs, which immediately became a fashion trend. The Anello & Davide boots, known at the time also as the Baba, had a variation that featured a cuban heel that was rather high and that totally appealed to the Beatles-type fashion. The original name for the boots was J. Sparkes Hall’s Patent Elastic Ankle Boots, but that proved to be a very long name for them, and it was eventually changed to Paddock boots — named after the enclosure in which horses are kept. They were very liked by the Queen, who wore them regularly and which also contributed to their popularity. The shoemaker, Joseph Sparkes Hall, said the following about this: "She (Queen Victoria) walks in them daily and thus gives the strongest proof of the value she attaches to the invention".

Versatile and fashionable

You've probably seen the Chelsea boots in a wide variety of outfits, from formal to casual, alongside suits or a simple pair of jeans. They can complement anything you match them with, the only limit is your creativity! The versatility also comes from the fact that they're for both men and women, which opens even more gates in terms of ideas! Those of which can come from the fact that they come both in a leather and suede variant, with different colors and variations in terms of aesthetics. One such example would be the Timberland men’s Chelsea boots which feature a flat-heeled design, while some women's style will come with a height boost thanks to their chunky heels.

Would you believe it if we told you that they're also present as work boots in the labour activities? One example is the riding boot type called Jodhpur boots, which originated from India, as the name suggest. The boots are also used as work footwear in Australia, where they're generically called elastic-sided boots, which usually include steel toes. They're know as botina in Brazil and are often associated with the rural population.

What do we offer in terms of Chelsea boots

How about you take a look at this pair with a shiny faux leather boots? They come with a beautiful purple colored embossed sole and your height will be elevated thanks to their mid-height heel. The absolutely lovely and unique look will motivate your creativity and you'll come up with amazing ideas for outfits! They come in a turquoise, orange and purple variant. Enough colors that will cover a wide variety of flashy outfits!

If you're looking for something more elegant, then these mid-calf boots will totally do the job for you! They come with a shiny faux leather, chunky and embossed heel and sole, chain element on each side, pull tabs and a very easy to do zip-up type of fastening.

That's not the only example of elegant Chelsea boots, we can also recommend you these faux suede ankle boots! They come in with your classic look, but with a small twist! They have a mid-height block heel that not only will make you look taller, but they will also offer a comfortable experience and stability when walking. Slip them on by using the pull tabs and see for yourself!

Stay tuned for more style trends and fashion inspiration , only at Cucu Fashion!

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