Posted by Cucu Fashion on 28th Nov 2019

The clock is ticking Black Friday Sales!

Finally, the season of holiday shopping has begun! Well, it’s not really Friday, but it is for us. We were a little impatient, so we started it one day ahead. Lucky you, now you can have more time to decide what is the best pair of shoes for you or for your loved ones! Keep reading below if you want to find out how you can benefit from our discounts!

Yes, that’s right! No matter if you are a fan of casual, sporty or glamour styles, all of our products have a 20% discount. All you have to do is write “BLACK20” in the Coupon/Gift Certificate section before order your favorite pair. So you can have our new lively Ollex Trainers at just ‎£24 for example. Please note that if you want to buy a product who is already on sale, the discount will be applied to the new price, not to the initial one.

For example, let’s say you want to buy our Lagry Sandals. Their initial price was £24.00, but now they are on sale at just £12.00. If you’ll use the discount coupon, you will also save 20% of the new price, which is £2.4. The final price will be £9.6. Tempting, right? Now let’s move on to our stars from this year!

One of the most requested collections of ours was the Tya Trainers, joined by Giry Ankle Boots and Arianna Chunky Trainers! As we said in our previous post, these shoes will have a massive 60% discount, using the code “BLACK60”! However, you can’t use both discount codes for the same order. Don’t miss the chance and update your wardrobe with: 

  • Giry Black Buckle Ankle Boots
  • Tya Black Studded Trainers
  • Tya Blue Studded Trainers
  • Tya Camel Studded Trainers
  • Tya Grey Studded Trainers
  • Tya Leopard Studded Trainers
  • Tya Pink Studded Trainers
  • Tya Snake Skin Studded Trainers
  • Tya White Studded Trainers
  • Arianna Beige Chunky Trainers
  • Arianna Pink Chunky Trainers

We know shopping isn’t easy, and that’s why we don’t want you to buy something in a rush. Our Black Friday last for three days, and if you can’t decide what model you want at the moment, we recommend to put them in the wishing list (that can be seen by just clicking the little heart next to the shopping cart), but you need to have an account on our site to access it. It’s free and it gives you a lot of freedom while navigating through site pages. Also, after ordering, please note that it can take a little time to confirm your order, but we promise, no more that an hour. 

Ok, maybe you are asking yourself why don’t we just reduce the price directly on site? Well, the fact that the discount codes are “hidden” in our Blog and Facebook posts gives you the chance to discover other great articles you could find entertaining, and the chance to chat with us. In other words, we can find more about each other so don’t be shy and tell us what you think about these magical days on social media! 


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