17th Sep 2021

​The Athleisure trend

The Athleisure trend , meaning casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear as described in the Merriam Webster dictionary has also seen a immense rise in popularity in all age ranges and social categories. This rise seems to be partly due to the increase of impact social media and influencers have in the fashion industry and buying trends, but also due it's versatile and comfortable nature .

It was as if the whole world heaved a massive sigh of relief when women all discovered this new look and managed to step down from the 8 inches stilettos and ankle hurting high platform wedges yet they could still be on trend in the new Athleisure outfits.

And nothing says relaxed sporty look better than a comfortable pair of trainers. This is where we, Cucu Fashion come in.

Cucu Fashion trainers

As there are so many different types of sports, we made sure to have an equally large diversity of styles in our women's trainers section.

First off, we have really active sports like running and the treadmill exercises. This type of activity requires force on your feet, so you will need some form of footwear that stabilizes you, with a non slip sole and thick enough to absorb some of the impact and prevent any objects that can be found on the ground from hurting you. The perfect example for this type of women's running trainers are the Forre Black trainers.

For a more fixed location type of activity, like weightlifting you will need strong reliable sneakers, with a sole designed for stability. This type can feature a chunky sole with ankle support, like the Malia Beige trainers, and it is essential that they have a non slip grip sole and lace ups secure fastenings.

For gym lovers or home workouts like Pilates bear in mind you will need a pair of trainers with a breathable upper and a very flexible and light sole, like the Mezze Sport Trainers, that feature an easy to fit slip on design.

But let's not forget that not everyone loves trainers just for them being essential to sports and staying active. Some ladies just love to wear a comfortable pair of shoes that can be suitable for both casual relaxed looks and for when they need to create a more put together outfit, like going out on a date or visiting loved ones.

The Chunky style trainers are what you need for these occasions, where the slight height offered by the platform soles can give your legs a slimmer look, the lace ups help with stability and security and the upper part is where the magic happens! You can choose from animal print, shinny disco era inspired looks or go for a more toned down netral colours, like all Black, Beige or White.

No matter what type of sports you prefer and what style better suits you, one fact is for sure, ladies sneakers are an essential part of your wardrobe and an item well worth the investment!


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