Posted by Cucu Fashion on 10th Jan 2020

Say hello to our new video!

We are so excited to show you our newest commercial! After many ideas and days of shooting, this video came out better than we expected, our model looking just glamorous. And because we love to tell stories, let’s take a closer look at the frames!

The first thing you will notice in the video is a woman almost ready to go out. We understand a few moments later she was about to meet with her boyfriend. But surprise, she receives a text from him saying he can’t meet her today. Ugh, nothing it’s worse than people who cancel in the last moment, right? And this frustration is showed by the phone thrown on the desk as the first reaction. Her face relays disappointment and who wouldn’t be?

But you know what? She spent time getting ready and all, it will be such a pity to just stay home watching movies and eating ice cream. She is ready to have fun, who said you need a man for it? So she finishes her make-up with a candy red lipstick and she puts on a new pair of shoes. And what a great choice! The pointed toe and intense color match perfectly her brand new attitude, don’t you think?

And if you like Easter eggs, you can spot three different styles of shoes during the video. First, you will notice she wore our Scarlett slip-on trainers initially. Then she changes them for the Amara pumps, relaying the fact that she stands on high, above him! But these are not the only stars in our video, you can also spot our Blerra Boots on the shoe rack! Isn’t that awesome?

The short story ends with a clear message to all women: be confident and independent! With the right attitude, you can have fun on your own, so don’t say “no” when it comes to treating yourself. Watch the entire video below and tell us what do you think about it!


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