Posted by Cucu Fashion on 20th Sep 2019

Ready to travel back in time?

Ok, we are not scientists, but we sure can make you start a journey to your favorites old days by wearing our special shoe models. We’ve tried many times to recreate some of the iconic styles of each decade and the results were almost unreal! If you are curious to discover some of them, keep reading below!

It wasn’t easy to pick the most outstanding models for this article, but we consulted the best sales and…here we have the winners!

The design of these shoes is dedicated to the famous brothel creepers, very popular in the ‘50s and also in the ‘70s, especially among punk lovers. At the same time, we chose a vintage delicate aspect for them, because we really like to play with different styles. This collection is new to our site, however, it is on the top of the list of our best-sold products. If you want to have your own pair to add to your wardrobe, just click here. Perfect for a night club, wear them with confidence and conquer the dance floor!

We had so much fun designing this model! We tried to combine the enjoyment of the ‘70s and their black&white stamp with the feeling to be on the stage nowadays. Elvis Presley was a big influence for us, and we tried to illustrate his adventurous and spunky personality by adding a small piece of snake skin. Put your shoes on and let’s rock 'n' roll!

In Sherlock Holmes’s times (1850-1880 more specifically), the camel color was really famous, representing simplicity and refinement. We have different interpretations of these years, like the Lewe, Lorra or Legga collections, but Amma seems to be the most resembled to the memorable detective’s taste. These shoes will highlight your perceptive personality in a high-class presence.

Last but not least, our Heba ballerinas are directly influenced by the ’50s polka dresses, representing joy, fun and femininity. We even chose to create the clear aspect of a glass slipper, dedicated to the Disney’s Cinderella movie released in that time.

What are your favorite ones? Do you want us to recreate a specific style? Tell us on social media!


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