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Match the shoes with a Taylor Swift song!

Now that the documentary Miss Americana gained so much attention, and Taylor Swift came back in force, surrounded by a nostalgic feeling, we took a peek at her songs, old and new, and came with this silly idea, to match some of them with our shoe models. Curious what we did? Then keep reading below!

One of the best things at Taylor Swift is that many of us grown up with her songs and, just like her, we’ve been through several phases in life. From our point of view, she is one of the most human artists of our times, never being afraid to sing about her feelings, some of them beautiful and some of them not so pretty. Teen and blind love, revenge, indifference, confidence, step by step climbing the stairs of maturity. With 35 Grammy nominations and winning 10 of them, she was always an inspiration. But enough talking, let’s see what we’ve got!

Oh yes, her country style songs were so loved back then, being like a ray of sunshine for whoever listened to it. “Mean” is more about how she succeeds in her career through kindness and perseverance, not malice. It was also a reminder for us to never give up and be happy about what future reserve us. This kind of music style deserves a pair of boots on its own, and you can choose either our long and classy Elma model or, why not, our lively Hassa shoes

Moving to the feeling of blind love and the teenage optimism, we have one of the most fairy tale songs she ever wrote. A story of Romeo and Juliet, but with a happy ending. Her princess outfits and lovely video design can be matched with our Rinna rose sandals, that features a delicate clear heel that imitates crystal. And the rose gold material? Such a delightful detail!

And this is the moment she put her foot down. She doesn’t need any more toxic relationships, she doesn’t need a man in her life, she is strong now, realizing she needs to find more about herself. In fact, this is what all the songs of the “Red” album are about. That’s why on the stage you see her in a shiny sparkling outfit, both feminine and masculine. Get this lovely and confident vibe with our Red Nozia boots!  

Like many other famous artists, Taylor had a hard time dealing with criticism, and if only it was about her music, and not about her personal life. She highlights in the song that as an artist, she would like to be judged for her singer and dancer qualities.

I never miss a beat

I'm lightning on my feet

And that's what they don't see

But that’s how she starts a trend between fans, “Haters gonna hate” right? As a tribute to her encouragement to be unique and never let others put you down, let’s try out dynamic Izza trainers, that features a vibrant mix of light colors and pattern, that charge you with energy, exactly like her!

The Reputation album surprised the entire world, being a reaction of way too bad criticism. Yeah, it’s ok to be an optimist and all, but any human has a limit. So she wanted to show how fierce she can be and how it’s not a good idea to mess with her. And let’s be serious, those two music videos had the most impressive visual effects (and expensive), so she really attacked with her all power. “Ready for it” was more about being a badass, so the Haba Boots with their impressive biker sole and block heel are more alike, but “Look what you made me do” is all about embracing her inner rage. She even had giant snakes on her stage, are you kidding us? It was fantastic! So combine her flaming attitude with our Benka boots

This music video starts with the best metaphor we ever saw, a pink-ish snake blasting in tens of butterflies. So this is the end of her dark era and now we see her smiling again. The interviews also surprise her saying that now, at 30, she is feeling more mature and she understands that life isn’t that bad when you have patience and see what you can learn from each moment of your life. The lyrics are colorful, just like her video, so we choose for it a pair of shoes that combine joy, maturity and artist vibes, the Amara pumps

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