Posted by Cucu Fashion on 15th Nov 2019

Let’s take a peek on Webtoon!

Are you already get used to our nonconformist blog posts? Good, because this week we will talk about one of the most popular comic platforms from nowadays and we’ll try to correlate some of the most known stories and characters with a few shoes of our collections. Curious how? Then keep reading below!

For those who are not familiar with the platform, Webtoon is an app where you can read and even post different types of comics, with English content, so they can be understood at an international level. It’s an amazing place with various drawing styles and genres, for every type of person. Most of the authors pay extreme attention to the clothes their characters are wearing, so you can spot your own style by identifying with some of them or, why not, they can influence your habits. In this article, we will give you some spoilers, but don’t hate us, we will try to be as subtle as possible!

Let’s take a look, for example, at “I LOVE YOO” by Quimchee. The story is about a high-school girl who experiences too much of life at a young age, like living just with her father, who recently got sick and he’s now in the hospital, unable to work for a period. If you analyze her personality, you can easily see she is not so ladylike. If we describe her style, it tends to casual and comfy clothes, obviously preferring sneakers over heels, and they need not be extravagant, she hates attention. If she would take a peek at our site, her choices will be centered on our comfy Gino or Elvem trainers, maybe the Ruth collection if she’s feeling confident.

After some chain of events, she is now working two part-time jobs, still studying to graduate. One of them implies to be the secretary to a very known company, where her boss insists to change her manners and keep forcing her to wear high-heels, to look professional. We bet Kosuke didn’t see our Ify collection yet, which is definitely the solution for her hurting feet.

Moving to a funnier comic, “LET’S PLAY” by Mongie is a romantic-comedy story, where Sam, a shy game developer, discovers little by little the life challenges, like socializing and building relationships. Overprotected by her parents, she’s like a level 1 player in a game about adulthood, and her progress is… how can we describe it… adorable. She’s so innocent in a world of lions, and we love that about her. But this time we will not talk about the main character. We will talk about one of the hottest women present in this comic, Monica. Her style speaks to itself, with bodycon, and slit dresses, keyhole necklines, all that say extravagance. We wouldn't have expected less from a popular beauty product vlogger. If you identify with her gutsy style, try our Glova pumps and hit the red carpet!

And last (for this week), but not least, you can learn very much about style reading “TRUE BEAUTY” by Yaongyi. Well, it’s a reality nowadays people are more into looks than personality, especially in Asian countries. The main character experienced bullying in middle school because of her appearance, and starting from high-school she keeps learning about make-up, making her feeling beautiful and popular, but just when she’s outside of her house. But time proved her that she can be loved for who she really is, and her confidence grew up. Her style is very bright and elegant, as you can see from various episodes. Not as comfy as Shin-ae or extravagant like Monica, but more like a delicate flower on the water. She loves gentle designs like our Ellyo pumps and stiletto heels, like those of our Banny collection. And definitely a pointed toe fan.

So, did we convinced you to try this platform or you already are a big fan of it? If so, what are your favorites comics? Tell us on social media!


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