25th Oct 2019

It's time for Halloween!

Yes! It’s finally this time of year when you can live again as a child when you could be whatever you want to be. Halloween is here, and we can’t wait to try our favorites costumes! There are so many options and, if you also haven’t decided yet what character you will be, then keep reading below, because we can give you some ideas!

There are many types of characters we love, whether it’s because of their personality, their story, their look or, why not, because of the nostalgia sentiment. It’s time to explore the fictional worlds and find the perfect pair of shoes to complete your costume!

It’s not a secret that attractive characters can conquer any heart, and putting their look aside a fearless personality makes them the ideal role! As an example, Catwomen is still adored even after 70 years (can you believe it?), starting from her first appearance in the 40s Batman. She keeps playing with her good and bad side, letting us know she’s a human after all, with erratic feelings. Not to mention her intelligent lines and flexible moves make her badass!

Another beloved character, from nowadays this time, is the Marvel’s Black Widow. She is the definition of power, gained and not received. A simple human who became one of the best agents in the world, specialized in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat and interrogation. And let’s be sincere, she looks gorgeous!

If you want to be one of these revolutions, then our Egra black boots are the perfect shoes to highlight their confident vibe! These are also perfect if you want to try some anime characters, like Amane Misa from Death Note.

As we said, Halloween is a special night when we can be any character we love, even if their world is not a fantasy. There are some movies with roles so well written, then even the reality incites to play them. For example, the movie “I, Tonya” revolves around a heart-breaking story, one of the ice-skater Harding, and if you saw the movie you know what we are talking about. And since we’re talking about skating, why not feeling a star like Casey Carlyle or Kate from the musical Snoowden on Ice, wearing our Resa ankle boots, who imitates the design of the ice’s shoes?

Of course, nostalgia has a very important role in this period, and sometimes we try to recreate the childhood’s figures. As delicate as you, our Gya Pumps can perfectly imitate the Dorothy’s red slippers. Find your lion, tin man and scarecrow and let’s find the party of Oz!

Halloween is also about reinterpretation, where you can be not just human figures, but a version of pets, monsters and so on. If you look at our shoes, you can see some of them are ideal for Disney characters and not just that. Let’s stay on this idea for a minute! Did you use to watch 101 Dalmatians, conquered by their innocent ideas? Why not illustrate them with our black and white Aqona Trainers? The Jungle Book can also be a source of inspiration, for example, you could even hypnotize people like Kaa, wearing our Zimka Ankle Boots.

So, what character will you be this year? Tell us on social media! 


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