Posted by Cucu Fashion on 8th Nov 2019

How much do you know about heels’ history?

Let’s face it, whenever we are taking a shower, we start to question about anything, whether it’s about our purpose in life, our existence, our relationships or… about how turtles breathe in the ocean? Yeah, this is the place of real meditation, and last night our mind suddenly went to a bizarre question: who came up with high heels? These led to a little research, to fulfill our curiosity and if you want to know what we found out, keep reading below!

Surprisingly, the 17th century show as many pictures with men wearing high heels at that time. Apparently, high-heels were a symbol of high-class from the beginning, but then it was literally. King Louis XIV used them to show off his royalty, and inspired by him, many elite members of society wanted to distinguish themselves from lower classes, and this led to regulating the length of high heels according to social rank, starting from commoners to nobles and princes. Being above the others it’s still a strong feeling while wearing heels today.

It’s impressive how shoes make such an impact on our lives, how much attention we pay for them. You will be surprised if we told you that the 1916’s technicolor seemed more exciting and remarkable due to the red ruby slippers present in “The Wizard of Oz” movie? No wonder why they are exposed at the National Museum of American History.

Glamour will always be a great source of information, their videos being made with a real love for fashion, with great research and amazing visuals. And from their video about heels we found out a little about the types of shoes popular from the last years.

  • 1920 – In this decade, one of the most popular types of shoes were those with low-heeled t-straps, and if you want a variation of these in your wardrobe, try out our Benna collection! Don’t be shy and reveal your skin!
  • 1930 – These were the times when pumps, lace-ups and buckles were popular. The most wanted colors were the classics black, white and brown, but surprisingly the burgundy was also at the top. For a trip to this decade, you can try our Seta collection!
  • 1940 – In times of war, material like leather became more expensive, so women adapted and start wearing Oxford heels, still in fashion after 80 years. We don’t have something alike at this moment, but we try to recreate this iconic style soon so stay tuned!
  • 1950 – Dior knew how to make itself present, so its stiletto heels quickly gained popularity. No wonder we already have so many variations of them. For a more accurate look for this decade, we recommend our Banny collection!
  • 1960 - Audrey Hepburn conquered the entire world in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany's” and not only, her style being such a big influence in the British world. It’s not a surprise she made the kitten heels famous!
  • 1970 – This decade was more about courage and power, that’s why women went for a bold look and start wearing chunky platforms. A variation of these can be found through our Gilla collection!
  • 1980 – Such a colorful decade! The pointed pumps were still in fashion then, but they had a very wide range of colors, like the spunky purple.
  • 1990 - "She's got something new, she's a power girl in a '90s world”! Oh, the glory of Spice Girls, who filled us with energy, spirit and self-confidence. Of course, they were the ones who made block heels popular! Are you having guts to feel that power again wearing our pink spunky Mallory boots?
  • 2000 – Curiously, after just a decade, women went to an opposite kind of heel, the slim one, to reveal delicacy and sensibility.

So, did you find something new? Is there a type of shoe from the above you want us to design soon? Tell us on social media!


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