Posted by Cucu Fashion on 13th Dec 2019

Get your Christmas present!

Do you remember the times when this season felt magical? When we were frightened in the last week before Christmas if we weren’t nice enough for Santa to come? And how cute we tried to be in order to make him reconsider and put our name on the “white list”? Oh, those were really good times! Too bad we can’t do that anymore… Or we can?

Well, you already know, from our previous articles, how much we love to remember our inner kid to come out for a little while and help us look at life with joyful eyes. And this season is not an exception. While your little ones are gathering together to write their wishing list, go to our site and make your own!

All you need to do is click here and tell us your favorite shoe model from our collections. Don’t forget to also write the color! Well, Santa doesn’t have that many little elves specialized in “adult stuff”, so just the nicest, sweetest and well-behaved three ladies will get what they are wishing for. Also, we are pretty close to Santa, so we can tell you who are the lucky women on 19 December! But this is our secret, ok?

Well what are you waiting for? Let’s enjoy the Christmas just like in our childhood! 


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