Posted by Cucu Fashion on 21st Oct 2022

Can you only wear trainers for the rest of your life?

It's not a secret that most trainers, if not all of them, are very comfortable. It's pretty hard to find a pair that's not good looking and comfortable, since these are the main requirements for them, in order to be considered a success.

You've probably heard the term "trainers", "sneakers" or even "runners". What's up with all these different words for the same wearable? Let's take a deeper look into it! By using our trusty internet and searching in a few key spots, we can easily see that the name for them differs by where on the globe you currently are situated and how things change along the years, basically geography and never ending changing trends. This comes as no surprise to most of us, since everyone wants to be unique in their expression and every corner of this globe comes with its own values. Let's list the countries where the terms are different, in comparison to the UK.

The term "sneakers" is most commonly used in Northeastern United States, Central and South Florida, Australia, New Zealand, and only some parts of Canada. You can also find "tennis shoes" in Australian, and North American English.

You can find the terms "running shoes" or "runners" in Australian, Canadian, and Scottish English. The last example is also found in Hiberno-English (Hiberno-English or Irish English, also formerly Anglo-Irish, is the set of English dialects native to the island of Ireland).

As you've probably heard it many times already or since you're already using the term yourself for many years now, "trainers", "training shoes" or basketball shoes" are the UK equivalent. You will also hear about "plimsolls" which are rubber-soled, low cut and usually canvas-topped shoes. Since the UK is big, there is bound to be differences in term usage across the nation and we have two such examples to mention.

In Geordie English (Geordie is a nickname for a person from the Tyneside area of North East England, and the dialect used by its inhabitants, also known in linguistics as Tyneside English or Newcastle English.) the common used terms are "gym boots", "joggers", or "sandshoes". Another interesting word used is "daps", which is equivalent of "plimsolls" in Welsh English. In other parts of the world, such as South Africa, you will hear "gym shoes", "tennies", "sports shoes", "sneaks" or "takkles", "rubber shoes" in Philippine English, "track shoes" in Singapore English, "canvas shoes" in Nigerian English, "camboo" (camp boot) in Ghana English and "sportex" in Greece".

Now, we've previously mentioned that these terms hide many different kinds of shoes and let's see what exactly! If it wasn't already pretty obvious by all the terms people around the globe use, we have the following when regarding physical activities: athletic shoes (for everything athletic and sports related), tennis or basketball shoes, gym shoes (for everything related to outdoor or indoor gym activity) and running running shoes. For fashion purposes, we have platform trainers, wedge trainers, plimsolls, slip-on trainers and other variations.

It doesn't stop there! They come in varying sizes and forms, like: low-top (that doesn't cover the ankle), mid-cut (in-between high-tops and low-tops), high-top (covers the ankle) and sneakers boots (goes all the way to the calf). There is even something special as low and high-top CVO (Circular Vamp Oxford), which could be described as being similar to low-tops, where they don't cover the ankle, but have a vamp in a circular form and typically have four to five eyelets. The high top CVOs do cover the ankle and also have the circular vamp.

After reading all of this information, can we answer the question? Can you only wear trainers for the rest of your life? We will be very optimistic and give a positive answer. Yes, you can! They are very versatile!The only limit of this idea is your creativity, so make sure you don't limit yourself and be open to experimenting! We can't give a positive answer without also giving you some examples from our huge catalog of trainers!

Mendy Fuchsia Lace Up Trainers

Let's start with a more robust example from our catalog! An immaculate pair of white sneakers! Spotlighting a combination of faux leather and synthetic materials, chunky sole with embossed elements, fuchsia elements all around the shoe, pull tab and lace-up type of fastening.

Vya Black Lace Up Trainers