Posted by Cucu Fashion on 4th Oct 2019

Bring your childhood back!

It is this time of year when we let ourselves embraced by melancholy, thinking about our days as a child, without worries, seeing the world covered in our pure imagination. Not to mention the energy we had then. If you keep reading below, you will find out what surprises did we have for your inner kid!

We were thinking very much about that aspect and we realized something. The time that passed isn’t a reason to stop being creative, to stop enjoying cartoons and being an optimist. No matter how difficult adulthood seems to be, we can always have some peaceful time or days when we can play fun games with our friends. We wanted to remind it to the world, so this is why, if you look at our shoe collections, you will find some models that can recreate the feeling of our old days.

Starting with the place where we spent most of the time as little Lilliputians, we were inspired to create our Eyl collection, whose design imitates the well-known school uniforms, with their Scottish plaid mark. Pairing them with a waist skirt and long socks will remind you of those days when we played with modeling clay and the only fear we had was an unannounced test. It was also the time when we learned how to read and write, so keep in mind that you can always adapt to new things, no matter how challenging they are.

Ok, we went to school and now we are back home. What are we doing now? Watching cartoons! Of course, only after we did our homework (when our parents were home). And at the large TV we see a beautiful woman who danced all night long with the prince and found happiness after many years imprisoned with her stepmother and mean stepsisters. Oh yeah, Disney colored our entire childhood, and inspired by him we created Boppa and Heba collections, which imitates the Cinderella’s glass slippers. We plan to integrate more of its stories to our future collections so stay tuned!

And when the school days are over and the homework it’s done, we have an entire two days to play with our friends and explore our imagination! These were the times when we have been pirates, lions or even the queens of candy. That’s how we had the sparkle to create our Sada collection, whose over-sized sole’s design will make you feel like walking on marshmallows!

So what do you think about our initiative? Do you want to try some of these collections? Tell us on social media!


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