Posted by Cucu Fashion on 6th Dec 2019

Boots in action!

You are already familiar with how our boots collections look in the pictures, somewhat alone if you are asking us. So in today’s article, we’ll show you how good these looks on our dearest Insta-girls and, who knows, maybe they will give you some ideas on how can you style your own models.

We start out big presenting the strong and fearless @stylegrimoires, who definitely put on an impressive outfit for our Benka Ankle boots! Her crimson red hair is perfectly matching the colorful snake pattern, and the outfit speaks for itself, with its spunky fishnet gloves and stylish sunglasses. Did you see their leaf form? How cool is that? She successfully highlighted the bold look of biker boots and this picture proves people who run the world!

As you know, our boots collections feature models in various colors, and no matter if it is about the same design of shoes, the color can convey different vibes. Take a look at these gorgeous girls and see how different they style our Enny Ankle Boots! @itsbeataxo chose black, and she matched them with a beautiful pea coat in the same color and some grey skinny jeans. She relays simplicity with some mysterious notes. On the other hand, @_rebeccajaynee chose wine red and she paired them with a light outfit. The blue delicate sweater and white straight jeans confer an elegant appearance, alongside her necklace.

But even exactly the same shoes will relay different vibes, depending on who is wearing them. Take for example our Amiya Boots! This model conquered both @okmarinaok and @instaliene, but their personality is different and they made sure they chose the right outfit to highlight their nature. The first one is more delightful and delicate, so she paired them with a casual outfit, featuring a top with a crew neck and a sherwood green skirt. The second one has a more spunky personality, so she paired them with an off-shoulder top and a pair of high waist short jeans.

And when we talked about the same color, take notes in how the design can influence an entire outfit! Here we have two different models of shoes and, of course, two different outfits. @simoneea2 have this exquisite appearance with trucker coat and baguette bag, perfectly matching the pointed-toe style of our Selva Boots. But @nikkiojiwears took the winter style to another level with our Nozia Boots! She went for a fully white outfit, with fur jacket, sequined skirt, she even chose a snowflake for her sweater. She looks like a figure skater, and we have to admit our design seems a lot like ice-skates!

So, did you find your own shoes in this article? How do you style them? Tell us on social media! 


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