Posted by Cucu Fashion on 14th Oct 2022

Boots are versatile

Boots have been a part of our lives for a very long time, regardless where you've found yourself around the globe! They come in many forms, such as: ankle boots, mid-calf boots, over-the-knee boots or even all the way up to the hip! You'll find that original boots were made from rubber or leather, but nowadays we can see them from all sort of synthetic materials or even combinations and the list of colors is endless.

Boots can be used for their functionality, protection or fashion reasons. When it comes to functionality, the most easy to mention example would be ankle support and traction for activities such as hiking or anything related to treacherous terrain or sporty activities. When it comes to protection, boots become very versatile as they need to cover the user's legs from many dangers that span across many fields. These would be from common things such as water and mud to anything related to pestilence (infectious diseases and bites), extreme temperatures, physical abrasion, corrosive agents, radiation, sharp or blunt hazards (objects falling on your feet), etc.

Fashion doesn't need to check so many boxes, they only need to be good-looking and comfortable, that's it. Now, beauty is subjective, but we can agree that it's important for them to at least follow certain rules. During the many years of fashion parades we had the opportunity to see boots in different sizes, form factors and materials. Every outfit they accompanied was absolutely stellar and memorable! You can look the same if you land everything the right way and with the help of our desirable pair of boots!

What we offer in terms of boots

Our catalog is the home of many styles of boots, we can assure you that you'll find everything you're looking for! From a certain style, to materials or colors, you only need to browse our catalog and land your next purchase! Now, let's give you some example of what you can find.

Ankle boots

In terms of ankle boots, we have anything you'd want in your wardrobe! That means anything from a casual pair, to biker boots or elegant faux suede boots. One good example would be these sock-like boots!

They're featuring a synthetic knit-like material in a dark green color, alongside an embossed chunky sole and heel, plus a pull tab! Easily slip these on with the help of the tab and go enjoy your day without any problems. Their material will guarantee a comfortable experience and no sores while the chunky sole will protect you from anything harsh and also boost your height! Fashionable and confidence boosting!

Knee high boots

Knee high boots are very attractive and they can be the star of your outfit! Because of that, you need to play special attention to how well you're going to match them with your outfit. Them being the sole charming aspect of your outfit should be a no go; a great balance needs to be achieved in your for you to shine!

In terms of knee high boots we can recommend the following pair! These beautiful boots are delivering a faux suede material in a camel color, an embossed chunky sole and heel, pull tabs, strap & buckle detail and a zip-up type of closure. The combination of color and aesthetics will make your life easier when it comes to matching them accordingly, you simply can't go wrong with these!

Over the knee boots

What's the limit in height when it comes to boots? Well, they can go all the way up to the hip and down to the ankle. Taking that into consideration, you're pretty covered if you're looking to try different form factors.

Our Evie Black might be a good pick for you! They're standing out with their faux leather material in a black color, chunky sole and zip-up design. A simple, yet very elegant look which will suit any wardrobe they're present in.

Biker boots

Being their own thing and not caring about anyone's opinion, biker boots have become a very desirable pick! Their aggressive look in conjunction with all of the details, create a piece you'll be proud to own and show to the world!

We've mentioned aggressive look and cool details, thus we can't ignore these June crocodile biker boots! Spotlighting a faux leather with a crocodile pattern in a black color, chunky heel and sole, an accent with different sized chains, two straps and a handy pull tab. All in a zip-up layout! Very captivating, right? We agree and say that it's a must pick if you're present in the scene!

As you can see, you have plenty of boots to choose from!


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