Posted by Cucu Fashion on 18th Oct 2019

Are you ready for party?

It’s finally the end of the week, and tonight deserves to be spent far away from worries, deadlines, stress and so on. While some of the people prefer to stay home, in a cozy blanket, drinking hot  chocolate milk and reading a good Rowling’s book, there are some of us who are more likely recharged by music, beats, good drinks and loud lively friends! If this sounds like you, then keep reading bellow and find out what type of shoes you can wear at a dance club depending on the reason you love them.

Whether you like going to Egg London, Tropicana, South or Fifth, in any dance club you will find many types of persons, and you can spot their personality just by looking at them, isn’t that true? Then let’s see your ideal type of shoes!

If you want to feel like the gem of the party, being the one who lights up the atmosphere and, of course, the one in the spotlights, then our shiny Kima sandals are simply your other half! Their gold aspect will definitely match with the lights. Or maybe you don’t like shiny things, and you prefer to stand up in bright classic colors. Remember those days in 70’s with lively flared slacks so popular in the clubs? Then bring those years back wearing our Heya boots, whose orange choice will be loved by anyone at the party! Don’t forget the big belt!

Or maybe you see those nights as an opportunity to conquer the dance floor, showing your best moves. The party is way better if you start a dance challenge and the beat is accompanied by claps. You’re the type of person who frequents just the clubs with good music, who give you the liberty to move without restraints. To show off your moves, you need something comfortable and outstanding at the same time, so take a look at our Rubi trainersDegge Trainers or, if you are brave enough, at our creative Sykam collection!

None of them sounds like you? Then you definitely are the type of person who want to conquer the men’s heart, even if you need a little romance in your life or if you just want to feel attractive. What better way to take what you want then having a luxurious make-up, a tight dress and the perfect shoes? To put men at your feet, try our shiny and passionate Glovva pumps or our metallic Cherra collection.

Did you find yourself in those words or you have such a unique style we don’t yet discovered? Tell us on social media!  


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